Monday, March 1, 2010

You have got to love Stacy Julian! I know I do!!! My mess of willy nilly albums finally got to me. I have over 30 albums is many formats. The mini albums I left as is. But the rest are now in the Library Of Memories System that Stacy came up with.

I bought her book "Photo Freedom" and it gave me all I needed to organize. My biggest fear was how was I going to incorporate the strap hinge albums with the top loading. Guess what? Some top loading pages are wide enough to handle them. Yayyyyy!!!!!
I chose to use these American Crafts Albums with the window cut outs. I used my gypsy to weld together the titles that slide right into the pocket. The glare on the pic is from the transparancy that I put in front to protect the title.

Here are my albums!!! I just need one more black one for the place we go, right now it's in an old 3 ring binder. I used the circle tags from avery to list more specific info. Like in the Pink All About Us, there is one that is All about Ellie, etc. In the things we do Green albums I have tags for Celebrations, Holidays and Christmas. (It seems for holidays I only do lo's for Easter and Halloween - Guess what's on my to do list???)

Regarding the book, if you want to purchase it, it is extremely hard to find. You basically have to find a store that still has it in stock - amazon only has first editions that are big $$$$. My archivers had 2 copies last I saw.

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  1. Hey, Beverly! Thanks for commenting on my blogpost so I could find you! I love the pics! I am still not sure what I am going to do with all my existing straphinge albums... I have like 20 of them and I really don't want to tear them apart. I think I will just draw a line in the sand and do new lo's the LOM way but not re-do the old.

    I am doing a Project Life album in 2010, and I am going to stick with that - so no matter what, I am not going to be "all" LOM this year.

    I just need to do some more thinkin' - nice to know there's a veteran of the changeover out there so I can ask you questions if I get stuck...


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