Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scrappy Calendar

So we all know that Scrapbookers are special people, and Special people need special things...Like special calendars...That multi-task!!  I got this idea from my cousin who takes a class once a year, she described it to me.

A Calendar that leaves space to put special moments/thoughts down, a place to staple or glue ticket stubs and other memorabilia with room for pictures and doodling.

Now, I've used a Day Runner for years and years so I'm in the habit if writing stuff down, but these are small and leave no place for the fun stuff.  I switched to My Calendar that has sleeves for occasional pictures but it's too small.

This is what I came up with - 8 1/2 x 11, all acid free, bound with a Zutter O-Wire.  Each month has a colored monthly calendar with stamping.  Following that is 3 pages that I've used stamping spots for journaling and monthly decorations.  I'm not posting pics of these, because I want you to use what you have, like I did.

I used my cricut to cut Don Juan letters 5" tall and then emboss them with cuttlebug dots. 

The protective plastic is from the fabric store and covers both front and back.  A rather large stash of ribbon gave me an assortment to choose from.  The ribbon really does give it that girly look.  I chose the paper from BG's Sugar Rush.

My Niece liked it so much that she wants to make one with me for her Competition Cheerleading Squad in their colors!  I think we'll be making one half this size for her.

Have a great day!

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