Monday, December 19, 2011

Jewelry made Just for ME!

fabulous member of my extended family made this just for me! Look at the detail of that crown covered bottle of glitter (to represent my Sparkling Personality) - totally love that!!!!  On the other side of the Initial is a Chandelier with glitter.    Of course the distressed heart with gorgeous bling just makes this sing BEVERLY.  The chain is 30" long and really substantial!

Now she didn't make this:

but she sells beautiful stuff like this on her web site.  Yes, that's my arm.  I wanted to show you how big it is.

You can see what Ashley & Co makes/sells here at The Rhinestone Parlor.  I'm sure there is something special over there just for you and if you don't see it, tell her what you want and she can make it!  

Thanks Ashley, I love them both!!!!

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