Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Birthday - Number 19

Who has a heart birthday?????  People like me who have had a Heart Transplant!  Nineteen years ago I received the heart of a 22 year old man.  His gift of life has allowed me to:
*  Raise 3 daughters now ages 28, 24 and 19
*  See the wedding of one daughter to a wonderful man.
*  Experience being a Mimi (Grandma) to 3 year old Dominic
*  See my brother marry a wonderful woman
*  Meet my five Nephews and two Nieces
*  See my cousin give my other cousin her kidney.
*  Participate in five US Transplant games and win 10 medals in swimming.
*  Have the heartbreak of losing both of my husbands parents.
*  Celebrate 31 years of marriage to my love.
*  Wake up and celebrate life for 19 years.
*  Make many memories with family and friends.

My donor family = HERO'S

Please have a conversation with your loved ones about organ donation.  For facts check out

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  1. What an amazing gift you were given!! My grandma was diagnosed with a liver disease the year that I was born (before they did transplants). She passed away when I was 12 (28 yrs ago) they were just starting to do the transplants then and she was on a donor list but it didn't come in time. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. Everyone in our family is a donor and I think it is one of the best gifts that a person could ever give. I am so happy for you, it sounds like you have had a wonderful 19 years!! Great reason to celebrate!! Happy ♥ Birthday to you!!!


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