Sunday, February 14, 2016

Surgery Recovery Happiness Therapy!!

Most of you know, I've had some medical issues.  Ha Ha. That's an understatement!  Anyways after 2 Heart Transplants and 23 years of immunosuppressive drugs, my hip rebelled.  I had a total hip replacement right after Christmas and did awesome.  Seriously, if any of you need to have this done, just go with it.  Had surgery at 7:30 am and by 3:00 pm I walked to the bathroom and was released to go home the next day.

The scrap room is downstairs.

So I commandeered a part of the kitchen table and had my loving family bring up goodies for me to play with.  Not a big selection.  I thought of it as a challenge!  So here's some of the cards I made.

I know, I only showed a few.  I'll be showing some more in the next day or two.  Good news is I finally got all my scraps organized by color in a hanging file system!  Score!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Valentines Day!!

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