Sunday, November 13, 2011

Layout for the Sassy 6

Sometimes you just seem to "click" with a group.  This layout is about one of those groups.  Ellie (my daughter #3) and these young ladies have been fast friends for many years.  They get together regularly for "girls night" which sometimes includes photos.  Love those photos!

I found the background paper a while ago so I don't remember where I got it and it doesn't have any info on the back (so sorry).  It seemed so perfect for this layout that I took care to let some of the special meaning words show.  A teeny tiny border allowed me some journaling space and not detract from the design.  It's hard to see but the banner has a stitched line.  After stitching I realized that maybe I should have done the straight line on the back so the front side would show a thicker line.  So, that's one thing to remember the next time I want a wider stitched line.

Yep, that's my girl on the bottom :)

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