Sunday, May 16, 2010

Button Tips

I just adore buttons!  But...I like them to look sewn on.  A layout with buttons that aren't sewn on just makes me crazy.  We all have those little quirks and this is mine.  With that said, I have found a few ways to make sewing on buttons a little easier and thought I would share.

My first share is using beading needles.  You can find them in the bead section of the craft store. 

They are connected at the ends and the middle is open.  I put one of my favorite gems in the center to make this point.

Often, when I have more than one button, I just thread and tie them all in a row.

Afterwards I snip the ends with my favorite Tonic scissors.  These things are super sharp and cut ribbon and floss without leaving those little snags.                                     

My favorite adhesive to use to secure buttons down is Zots Medium glue dots.                               
I hope this inspires you to break out your buttons and sew them down!!!!!!  If you choose not to sew them... well....I promise not to hold it against you!  Lol  Have a great day! 

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  1. I can't believe I've never seen that kind of needle before! Great tip too to thread and tie all at once! Thanks for the great tip!


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