Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial

For this super easy fabric flower you will need a strip of material 2" x 12", needle, thread, scissors, button or other embellie, button thread and adhesive.

If you want the frayed look, tear your material instead of cutting it.  Make a 1" snip in one end of your fabric.  Grab both ends and pull - hard.

If you are using floss, like I did, separate the 6 threads into 3 before threading your needle.  (Check out my tip on using beading needles).

Using a running stitch (small in and out stitches about 1/2" apart) along the long side of your fabric - close to the edge.  Do not knot either end of your thread.

Gather your material strip by pushing all the fabric together tightly and tie a knot.  Adjust your circle of fabric as needed.

Using that beading needle will accomodate any size cording to "dress" your button (can't have naked buttons, now can we?). 

I don't sew my buttons down, I use Zots medium size glue dots to adhere them.

Here's the finished flower. 
Thank you MommaSaid for the suggestion!

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  1. Oh, THANK YOU for sharing this tutorial!!!!! I'm so grateful, I'm going to go try it now!


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